Why Try SUP???

Why Try SUP???

Posted by Danny Barker on March 07, 2014  /   Posted in Kayaking

Stand Up Paddleboarding Benefits

Using a Stand Up Paddleboard is an excellent, relaxing, healthy, and calming pastime. It is fun with benefits. That it is relaxing does not mean it is slow and easy; paddlers can put as much speed and daring into the routine as they might wish. It can surf big waves or run whitewater rapids. A board and paddle are available for daily rental. The outfitter provides some basic instruction, then it is off to an adventure. There is a wonder of peaceful enjoyment of nature when connected in a simple way, like the silent glide of a board over calm water.

Why should I Paddleboard? The answer is in the experience. The rider is part of the boat, and the boat is part of the water. The body works in unity with the board, and the silent glide is the constant reward. It is a flight-like movement; it has a rhythm that puts the rider at peace with everything around. At one with the wind that pushes or cools, and at one with the warmth of the sun, casting shadows beneath golden dusk.

In a great workout, the effort brings a smile; it is fitness and fun. Enjoyment turns work into pleasure; the true leisure is doing something enjoyable. It is a pleasure to be on the water, a sheer joy in standing on a board propelled across the surface. The place could be a local pond, river, or lake. A paddleboard works nearly everywhere from the white-water river runs to canals. It is a fun filled way to be outdoors, on the water, with all the benefits of fresh air and exercise.

The equipment is simple a Stand Up Paddleboard and a paddle. The board should be well made and of a size to match the user and the activity. With a few basic techniques, riders will soon feel at home on the water. A forward stroke and a turning stroke are excellent ways to begin. The technique is simple. Position feet comfortably apart and use the muscles in lower legs to keep the board level in the water. The motion uses the core muscles, in the abdomen, chest, and thighs.

Many people find the experience deeper than the activity of gliding on the water. For some, it is a place of meditation the repetitive movement of the paddle across the placid surface. Some feel a greater sense of connection a calming of the world around them.

Not confined to books or chanting, spiritual enrichment comes from many inspirations. Over time, many find it when connecting with nature, in becoming at-one with the outdoors. Do not miss another day of sun and adventure, call or visit a local Stand Up Paddleboard outfitter. Join a healthy fitness activity that adds joy to every moment. To connect with a gentler side of days on the water, try a paddleboard.

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