Where did SUP start????

Where did SUP start????

Posted by Danny Barker on March 07, 2014  /   Posted in Kayaking


Stand Up Paddleboard History

Did you know that the sport of Stand up paddleboard(SUP)began in the 50’s as a method to photograph surfers?

Now it has emerged as a fun and healthy water sport that is easy to learn.

What Is SUP?

For this watersport users stand straight up on a longboard and use a long paddle to navigate the waters. While it originated on the oceans, the advantage of SUP over other watersports is that it does not require waves. All it requires is the proper equipment and manual energy. Another advantage is that standing straight up on the board allows the rider to look down at the wildlife in the water as they ride.

SUP’s resurgence in popularity can be traced to the 2000’s, when spots around the globe known for great waves were experiencing an unusual dry spell of flat waves. Innovative surfers would stand on longboards and use a paddle to get out and ride the minimal waves. From there it has taken off as one of the most popular watersports in the world.

Why Should I Try SUP?

The fact that this sport originally started as a fun and healthy way for surfers to stay in shape is proof of its many health benefits. SUP is a sport that will give you a full body workout that stretches nearly every muscle. You’ll feel like you just spent all day in the gym.

This sport is also versatile. Ocean, Lake, or river; this sport can be done on any body of water. Each type of water offers a different ride, making this a sport that will never make you bored. This makes it a sport that is easy to learn, because you can get the hang of it on calm waters before you head out on the ocean.

All STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING needs is manual energy and a willingness to relax and have fun. SUP is a sport that can be enjoyed anytime, without reliance upon weather conditions for propulsion.

The emerging sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding is a great choice for those who love the water. Come out to Penguin Paddling and try your hand at it today!

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