Neabsco Creek Nature Paddle

Penguin Paddling LLC
16205 Neabsco Rd.
Woodbridge, VA 22191

Penguin Paddling’s Neabsco Creek Experience

Penguin Paddling would like to invite you to check out our Neabsco Creek Experience.  Our kayak and paddleboard rental facility, ideally situated on Neabsco Creek between the Julie J. Metz Wetlands Bank and Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, offers memorable outdoor experiences in a picturesque environment.  Neabsco creek is a great place to check out beautiful, wild, and natural Virginia.  While Neabsco Creek is a destination suitable for the faraway, it is within a mere ten to fifteen minutes of Potomac Mills. A different life experience is closer than you may think…

Take a brief paddle up the creek from our dock and you will see an abundance of life and nature. You have but to look down into the water to witness nature’s show- bass darting in and out of cover after their quarry, a beaver gliding gracefully underwater towards the lodge, or catfish lazing beneath a log awaiting the next unfortunate minnow that comes within range.  Ospreys soar overhead on the breeze, waiting to dive upon the flash of fish below.  Regal Bald Eagles sit perched over the river, guarding the nest, as you glide by. Waterfowl, flying south for the winter and north for the summer, stop over for a Mid-Atlantic interlude. The Neabsco Nature Experience offers a great way to unwind and be with nature!

While known for the spectacular bird-watching and natural beauty, Neabsco creek is also home to trophy bass and is fast becoming a top destination for fishermen targeting Snakeheads.   Fishing from kayak and stand-up paddleboards is becoming increasingly popular as an economical way to reach fish in the shallows that motor boats cannot access. The area’s top bass fishermen know all about the abundance of big fish found beneath the surface of Neabsco Creek.  They lie in wait for your enticing lure to cruise by.  While Snakeheads prefer top-water lures that mimic frogs, bass tend to prefer baits of the spinning or worm variety.  Either is a good choice for Neabsco!  The Neabsco Fishing Experience is unparalleled in Prince William County!

Perhaps you seek a calm Saturday morning to regain your focus on the harmony of life. Standup Paddleboards offer a great platform to do yoga upon.  Imagine yoga while enjoying the smooth undulation of the water while bearing witness to the awesomeness of nature. Standup Paddleboard Yoga is without equal within the realm of relaxation exercise.  The Neabsco Yoga Experience offers a relaxing and meditative combination of workout and nature.

After your paddle please enjoy the complimentary use of our propane grill and picnic area.  Our facility offers you the opportunity to grill fresh-caught bass or perfectly pink hamburgers on our stainless steel grill.  Our full time marina staff maintains a delightfully clean picnic area adjacent to our rental dock. Please check out the Ship’s Store for a delightfully chilled beverage or a bag of ice for your cooler.  Relax and get to know the person next to you while enjoying the view.  We invite you to Experience Neabsco Creek!

Penguin Paddling offers kayak and standup paddleboard rentals at economical prices that fit within any budget. Bring your friends and a cooler with food to grill up and make a day of it!  Enjoy paddling for a couple of hours followed by a relaxing cookout on the grill found feet from the water. Sunset tours, and the dates available, are listed on our website.

Children’s life vests are available, please check before arriving to make sure that we have enough youth sized safety equipment available to accommodate your needs.  We recommend that participants be 6 years old at a minimum.  Kids love Penguin Paddling!

Bring your canine sidekick for your paddling adventure!  Doggy flotation devices are available in all sizes, please check before arriving to make sure that we have the proper canine flotation devices available for that day.  We welcome your leashed pet to enjoy the Neabsco Experience as well.

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