Occoquan River Tour

This guided trip is 2 hours in duration and launches from our facility located at 201 Mill Street in Occoquan, Virginia. We are located in a neat small town with roots that go back to the 1600’s! Occoquan, Va is home to historical buildings, ruins of the old mill, and an awesome paddle destination. The river is home to many varieties of ducks, grease, waterfowl, eagles, osprey, beavers, herons, and fish! A paddle along this verdant waterway ….

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Neabsco Creek Nature Paddle

This 2 hour paddle tour launches onto the Neabsco Creek in Woodbridge.  Located just half an hour from DC, this paddling destination feels as though it is worlds away. The launch is perfectly placed adjacent to protected wildlife areas including the Julie J. Wetlands Bank, Featherstone National Wildlife Refuge, and Leesylvania State Park…

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Aquia Harbour Sunset Tour

Penguin Paddling would like to invite you to participate in our new Aquia Harbour Sunset Paddle Tours on Aquia Creek!  Theses are family friendly events hosted by Penguin Paddling LLC, a kayak and paddle board outfitter based in Occoquan, Virginia,  and endorsed by the Aquia Harbour Property Owners Association.  We offer a guided sunset tour of Aquia Creek…
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  1. Carol Foster July 17, 2013 10:39 am /

    Interested in the Bull Run Nature Paddle. Will these tours be ok for someone who has never been in a Kayak before?

  2. Danny Barker July 17, 2013 2:57 pm /

    Hi Carol;
    Thanks for the question. We haven’t launched our Bull Run trip yet due to contractual negotiations with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. As for whether or not someone new to paddling is capable of completing a tour, the answer is somewhat subjective. I have found that people who are new to kayaking and reasonably fit have few issues picking it up and having fun on our tours. If you are a reasonably active person (meaning you would do a five mile hike, stack a bit of firewood, or mow the grass with a push mower) odds are you would have little trouble picking it up. I have had participants ranging from young to mature, from 105 lbs to 310lbs participate in the activities. Please feel free to call me during business hours if I might provide you with a bit more information regarding our tours! Thanks for the inquiry and we hope to see you out there!