Terms and Policy

Our Policies


Cancellations may be made up to seven days prior to tour/rental date.  100% Refunds will be granted up to seven days before a tour/rental except for group events.  Within seven days of tour no refunds will be granted.  No shows will not be refunded under any circumstances.  Being more than fifteen minutes late constitutes a no show.  If Penguin Paddling LLC has to cancel a tour/rental for any reason within our control, a 100% refund will be granted and a 25% discount granted on same tour/event/rental at a later date for reservations booked through our website.

Weather Policy

As this is an outdoor activity on the water, weather may be a factor in whether the tour/rental is safe to conduct or not.  Tours/rentals are rain or shine.  We will not conduct a tour in the midst of a lightning storm or dangerous rain storms/weather events.  Often, during the summer, showers are brief and conditions following a short rain are optimal for paddling.  Determination of a weather safety cancellation is up to the trip leader’s/rental operator’s discretion.  Final determination of trip cancellation due to weather made at launch point at time tour/rental scheduled.  In the event of a weather cancellation prior to the tour/rental leaving, every effort will be made to reschedule the tour for a date that works with both the guest and Penguin Paddling.  If that does not work out, refunds will be issued for the full amount if cancellation takes place.  If tour was purchased through a third party (including but not limited to ZOZI, Groupon, LivingSocial) tours/rentals will be rescheduled and no refund granted.


Waivers and equipment rental agreements must be signed prior to participation in any Penguin Paddling LLC event/activity/rental.

Use of PFD

Due to the fact that Penguin Paddling LLC conducts activities on the water, Personal Flotation Devices must be worn properly at all times for the event.  This is a requirement for participation in our events/rentals.


Penguin Paddling LLC prohibits the use of any mind altering substance on our tours.  No Alcohol or Drug use permitted under any circumstances.  Use of Alcohol/Drugs while paddling poses a huge risk to guests, guides, and members of the public.  Use of Alcohol/Drugs before or during one of our tours/rentals will result in the forfeiture of purchased tour/rental and no refunds issued.  Persons found to be using these substances will be dismissed from the activity immediately at nearest landfall without refund.

Pass Rules/Terms

  1. Passes are non transferable. You, the pass-holder, may use any of the boats/boards for a two hour rental period with one punch of your pass.  If you bring a guest you may take him/her out on a tandem boat without additional charge.  If your guest(s) wishes to use their own boat or board, they must pay to rent the boat or use their own punch card.  YOU MAY NOT PUNCH THE SAME CARD MULTIPLE TIMES FOR DIFFERENT GUESTS TO RENT EQUIPMENT!!!
  2. We do not pro-rate punches. If you take the board/boat out, it counts as a punch. Each punch is good for two hours of equipment usage.  If you go past the two hour mark, another punch may be used or you may pay $10/hr for additional time.
  3. Treat cards as cash. No replacement cards issued.
  4. Cards good only for the season during which they are purchased.  They have no value after close of the season.  We are a seasonal business that closes down in the fall.  Our exact timeframe for closing varies, but we try to stay open from around April 15 until October.
  5. No Refunds offered on 10 punch passes.
  6. All Equipment offered on a first come, first served basis.
  7. Passes good for on-site rentals only.
  8. For an additional $35, pass holders may add unlimited weekday boat/board use.   Rentals on holidays that fall on a weekday are not included in the unlimited weekday pass. This may only be purchased at our physical location.

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