Chances are if you have gotten this far into this delightful website you have asked yourself “What the heck do Penguins have to do with paddling in DC???”…  Penguin Paddling is the brainchild of a devoted outdoorsman and kayaker who wants to share his love of the water and area with new and old friends alike.  This man, being of short stocky stature, has been called “The Penguin” for almost as long as he can remember.  After years of dreaming of starting a new business in a fun industry, “The Penguin” decided to take people along with him on his favorite kayak trips.  The Penguin was raised locally in the area and has lived here most of his life.  His full time employment is with a local Fire and Rescue Department where he works as a Firefighter/Paramedic. Penguin Paddling has grown from its humble beginnings on a trailer pulled by a Subaru. We now have three rental locations. We are located in Occoquan, VA.

The main goal of Penguin Paddling is for all participants to enjoy the area as much as possible via kayak on the water!  The stress relief offered by kayaking and hanging out in a beautiful area with happy friends has an amazing effect on the mind, body and spirit.  Here at Penguin Paddling we consider it our privilege to introduce people to the enjoyment that kayaking has brought to us.  Please join “The Penguin’s Posse” and join us for a great time out on the water.

Penguin Paddling also strongly encourages proper stewardship of our natural resources and as such actively engages in cleaning up the waterways in which we conduct our business.  We love hosting groups of people to clean up our rivers and streams in the area.  Penguin Paddling also strongly supports local charity events with participation in activities with the 25th Project (http://www.the25thproject.com).

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